Ceramics & Pottery
in castile and Leon

Ceramics & Pottery
in castile and Leon

Departure : Madrid, Spain

Places : Valladolid, Salamanca, León, Segovia, Madrid.

Arrival : Madrid, Airport

Spain for its climate has always had a great tradition from the time of the Phoenicians down to the Greeks and Romans. We develop special programs in the area that are as focused or broad based as your clients wish. Many of them are still artisans



Arrival at Madrid International Airport, where the Gamma Tours multilingual guide will greet and meet you. Transfer towards Valladolid. Overnight.


Depart to the village of Pereruela. You will visit the most important producer in this village, that makes a great deal of different products and figures.

All the products are made with a mixture of red clay and heat-resistant clay, and maintaining the tradition, they still use the manual turning lathe.

From there you leave to visit another ceramic workshop, which makes its own products with red clay and “white” potter’s clay. It still uses a manual turning lathe.

A limited number of people will be able, due to time limitations, to work the turning lathe themselves and make the figures per their creativity.  According to the time that the previous visit might take, there would be the chance of visiting a workshop of modern and creative ceramics. She makes hand-made sculptures, murals, engravings, etc. of a high artistic quality.

Return to Valladolid. Time at leisure. Overnight.


You will go towards the town of Alba de Tormes. First, you will visit a traditional potter that makes jars, “botijos de torre” and other daily use products and utensils, used now and in the past.

Then you head to visit a creative ceramist, and the products he makes are murals with landscapes of Castile, Bas-reliefs, clocks, mirrors and so on.

Of the city of Salamanca, its most outstanding features are the Main Square, The House of Shells, the Old Cathedral and the New one, as well as the University and the Patio of the Schools.

In the afternoon, you will visit another ceramist that works with terracotta and enamel. He essentially makes human figures, human torsos on a base of stone from the area of Villamayor. Return to Valladolid. Free time and lodging.


Depart to a small town, near the capital, you will find an artisan that is a ceramist and a potter. As far as the pottery goes, what he usually makes are “botijos”, piggybanks and a series of daily use objects. As far as ceramics goes, the most important objects are clocks and designer objects to cover walls with.

On return to Valladolid, you will stop in the town of La Bañeza to visit an artisan that combines both the pottery and ceramics. The potteries they work are traditional and design work. They use red clay and potter’s clay in a manual turning loathe. Back to Valladolid and lodging.


Through a small highway near the to the capital, you will visit a ceramist, that makes his products with potter’s clay and enamel with metallic glints. His works are usually sculptures and murals, and he only works on a commission basis and for architects.

You will then go on to another town, where there is a ceramics factory. They work in an artisan manner, even though they use the technological advances of the present day. Apart from traditional ceramics, he also makes coffee sets of a high quality.

You will finish today’s visit in Tordesillas with one of the best ceramists of Castile and León. He designs his own works. His products are mainly made of enamelled ceramics and every object he makes is unique.

Return to the hotel in Valladolid. Overnight.

Day 6 – VALLADOLID City Tour

Today you will visit the city of Valladolid; in the centre, the Cathedral stands out and so does the Façade of the Polychromatic Sculpture National Museum.

The main object of the trip is to visit a versatile artist. The artist defines himself as a “vanguard” artist. He has exhibited his works in many of art galleries throughout the whole world, his murals decorate squares and public buildings and his sculptures can be found in Europe and America.

Return to the hotel and lodging.


Depart to the town of Cuellar, to see two artisans that have come together and work together. They both make traditional daily use ceramics such as jars, bowls, coffee sets. They also make objects on a commission basis, such as designer lamps, murals and tiles.

In the outskirts of Segovia, you will visit a ceramist that works on glass. She makes creative ceramics such as murals and potter’s clay shop signs. She also makes glazed ceramics made with very special enamel.

Segovia, is city that has been designated Heritage of Humanity by the UNESCO. Time at leisure that can be devoted to discover the city on your own.

Then you leave to Madrid. Overnight.


At the appropriate time transfer from the hotel to the Madrid International airport. Check in at the counter of the Airline Company and departure for your next destination.


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